Getting Ready for Parade Season: New Trailer Tire and Wheel Sets

Somehow, you got wrangled into using your trailer for a parade. Maybe it was for your daughter, maybe your wife used her magic powers, but either way, your man trailer gets decorated and fru frued up for a parade or two every year. Well, now is the time do some maintenance and replace a trailer tire and wheel or two.

Since it is winter, it happens to be the perfect time to relax and take your time, inventorying your manly possessions. That trailer you bought and hauled landscaping material and wood to make your kid’s tree house has served you well. It’s probably seen better days though. So go to your garage and really take a good look at your once prized possession. bulk trailer parts

It may need a new coat paint. Maybe it needs to be re-stained. That’s pretty common. So is a flat tire or a busted rim. That’s easily fixable. You can order a trailer tire and wheel to replace the old one. And since you’re Mr. Fix It, tire and wheel assembly is not a problem for you. You probably think it’s easy. It might be so easy you can teach your son or daughter how to fix it.

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